Is it Just Me?

Or has 3 Fat Chicks gone down almost from the moment that I began gushing about them?

If anyone has reached this blog through that, would you mind letting me know what happened? I haven’t been able to access them for days.


So Much for Tuesday

I’m sort of a mess today.

Scratch that, I’m definitely a mess today.

Spring Break is here, and I slept in again. I woke up, ate breakfast, and went back to bed, content that I’d observe the Fast again.


Last year it was “neat” and “nifty” and “challenging.” This year it is is “hard” and “grrr” and “bringing garbage to the surface.”

Which is not to say that it is still not beautiful. I can tell some major stuff is going on, which makes it absolutely necessary.

It just doesn’t make the Fast as fun as it was last year.

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