Monday Update

I really can’t express how much I am digging on 3FatChicks. There is so much information there that it blows my mind. They have exercise challenges where everyone inputs the amount of minutes they’ve exercised for the day for a running total for the group of participants, and weekly weigh-ins, and things like that, and I am just stunned at the amount of support there. There are recipes and exercise tips, links and encouragement.

While I had been exercising most days (say, 6 out of 7), I started tracking it and making concrete exercise goals because of it. Because I didn’t start writing it down until 03/14, I made a goal of 360 minutes for the month (20 minutes a day average for every day left of the month). Writing it down rather than making a mental note (Yep! Made 20 minutes today!) makes a big difference, I’ve found. I’m consciously striving for an average of 140 a week, and, so far, am exceeding it as an average. If I miss a day, I make sure to exercise extra to make up for it.

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March 2008

It’s amazing how many excuses I can find when I don’t want to do something.

Not enough time, not enough energy. Can’t find the right words. Can’t find…whatever.

So soon, eh, and I’m fighting the bullshit. I should have known better.

Right now my excuse is that I don’t know how to flip pictures. Yes, it’s true. When I bought a new laptop late last year, I just haven’t bothered to figure out how to use it too well.

And, for the record, whatever program it uses for pictures doesn’t have a simple “flip” button like my other one did.

These were taken 03-01 at a friend’s party. I was hoping to get some just hanging-out-shots, but when time came that I had to go to work, and I had no pictures taken (which were going to specifically be for the blog), I got desperate.

I love Eileen, but I have to question her photography skills. But, without further disclaimer, I’ll go ahead and post them.

This is the first time I’ve allowed, much less strong-armed friends into taking them, full length body shots of myself since my wedding in 1998.

Unflipped, unedited, unable to be given better lighting, here they are.

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