About This Blog

This blog has three main purposes:

1) To be a no bullshit blog.

2) To document my spiritual development, especially as it is manifested through better health, and more specifically, weight loss.
3) To make public the miracles that are happening in my life.

About the no-bullshit thing. First of all, I have a tendency to curse once in a while (more often, sometimes). I’m verbose, and in the natural course of babbling uncensored, I tend to pluck a profanity from the thornbush of harsh words now and again.

It happens.

But the no-bullshit clause is a reminder for me to forgo my normal dance around the truth and be completely real. Real weights and measurements. Real numbers. Real names. Real food and real complaints and real whatever.

Real-real. Sometimes I forget that, although it’s the thing I most want to be. Authentic, possessing integrity, things like that which I cannot be as long as I’m avoiding the truth.

So, no bullshit allowed.

Now, being a no-bullshit blog isn’t the primary reason for it, of course. But without it, my other two reasons are meaningless.

Now it’s true that I could be documenting my spiritual growth through my main blog. In total honesty, I’m not certain why I’m not. In truth, this process is fighting what I “know” (big big big quotation marks there) to be true. But here I am, doing what I am supposed to be doing. I’m not on a diet. I’m not on a specific exercise plan.

I will add the caveat “yet” because I really have no idea what my life has in store for me.

I’m currently exploring my spirituality in big, big ways. This blog will be representative of that. I believe that the true goal of spirituality is to become closer to God. Religion is the tool which helps man recognize and acclimate his spiritual nature, and aids him in his true goal, which is to become closer to God.

At this moment, I am far from the person I want to be. Even from two months ago, however, I am a completely different person. As I spiritually progress (and that IS progress, certainly not attainment of perfection), I have been witness to miracle after miracle that takes place in my life.

This blog is the place for me to also document those miracles.

This blog is not about my accomplishment. This blog is about what is happening TO me.

Without the bullshit.

The title, “Eat, Pray, Exercise” is a clear nod to Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Eat, Pray, Love, which I actually have not read as of yet, but the title caught my ear as a near-perfect way to live.

My “diet plan” is this: To eat. To pray. And to Exercise.

That’s it. I will have nutritional goals as I progress, but will be following no diet plan.

I won’t be posting food lists, exercise logs (although I probably will be discussing it) or anything for the purpose of accountability.

I don’t need to be accountable to anyone but for Whom I’m working, anyway.

Otherwise, the notion of personal accountability is bullshit.

And that goes against Reason Number One for having this blog.


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