A New Home

In the interest of being integrative (which is how I originally wished to be), I’ve decided to move the content of this blog to my main one:

Footsteps of a Fool.

Hope you’ll find me there.

I have to warn that it’s somewhat under construction since the formatting is messed up, but there it is.


Is it Just Me?

Or has 3 Fat Chicks gone down almost from the moment that I began gushing about them?

If anyone has reached this blog through that, would you mind letting me know what happened? I haven’t been able to access them for days.

Sunday Something: Good News Sunday

Christ. Baha’u’llah. Rumi. Blake. Gerard Manly Hopkins. Buddha. Marianne Robinson. Maynard, for God’s sake.

Of all the people I could have quoted from in order to demonstrate my point, I chose Garth Brooks.Really. I quoted Garth Brooks. In church, no less.

Today was the day. I had meant to practice what I was going to say, but with everything (and I do mean everything) going on, I kept thinking I’d get around to it. So this morning I get to church only to realize I have no idea what I’m going to say. The purpose of the speech is to highlight how Unity lessons have impacted my life. It was held in conjunction with their “Membership Sunday” in which new members of the church are officially inducted.

And, yes, it was noticed that the first speaker of the first Good News Sunday of the first Membership Sunday did not join the church, but I jump ahead of myself.

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Monday Update

I really can’t express how much I am digging on 3FatChicks. There is so much information there that it blows my mind. They have exercise challenges where everyone inputs the amount of minutes they’ve exercised for the day for a running total for the group of participants, and weekly weigh-ins, and things like that, and I am just stunned at the amount of support there. There are recipes and exercise tips, links and encouragement.

While I had been exercising most days (say, 6 out of 7), I started tracking it and making concrete exercise goals because of it. Because I didn’t start writing it down until 03/14, I made a goal of 360 minutes for the month (20 minutes a day average for every day left of the month). Writing it down rather than making a mental note (Yep! Made 20 minutes today!) makes a big difference, I’ve found. I’m consciously striving for an average of 140 a week, and, so far, am exceeding it as an average. If I miss a day, I make sure to exercise extra to make up for it.

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O Son of Spirit!
Noble have I created thee, yet thou hast abased thyself. Rise then unto that for which thou was created.

~ Baha’u’llah, The Hidden Words

The Fast officially ended at sunset this evening, and boy oh boy was it a learning process. Far more than last year, and I was far less successful with it this year compared with last year.

I am incredibly foolish at times. Embarrassingly, frighteningly, and utterly foolish. I had this strange month, March, one where absolutely nothing seemed to go right.

Once you get things “all figured out,” it’s supposed to be smooth sailing, right?

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So Much for Tuesday

I’m sort of a mess today.

Scratch that, I’m definitely a mess today.

Spring Break is here, and I slept in again. I woke up, ate breakfast, and went back to bed, content that I’d observe the Fast again.


Last year it was “neat” and “nifty” and “challenging.” This year it is is “hard” and “grrr” and “bringing garbage to the surface.”

Which is not to say that it is still not beautiful. I can tell some major stuff is going on, which makes it absolutely necessary.

It just doesn’t make the Fast as fun as it was last year.

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On Dreaming

I didn’t walk either Saturday or Sunday morning, something that definitely has messed with my continuity. Because I work over night on Friday and Saturday nights, unless I walk at work during my so-called “lunch break” (after 7 am when my relief comes in), I don’t have the energy to walk at all.

This morning is the first of Spring Break. I woke up early, before sunrise and ate since I’m still Fasting, and decided, with as cold and grey as it was outside, to go back to bed.

It was marvelous. I still have a to-do list a billion miles long. I still haven’t walked this morning. I still haven’t done anything on my to-do list, but I went back to bed.

And, despite all the conditions surrounding it, I did it guilt-free.

I love guilt-free stuff.

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